Kachingle Premium

Turbocharged Freemium Conversions, Coming Summer 2012

Avira signs up as first charter vendor bringing their 100M+ users into the Kachingle Premium Platform. If you are a Web or PC application vendor and are interested in being part of the charter launch, contact us now while slots are still open:

 Many Freemium app vendors are not converting as many free users to paid users as they would like. Our new service, Kachingle Premium (KP), bundles complementary apps at an irresistible price point, enabling KP app vendors and marketing partners to co-market their premium offerings to the aggregated free user bases of KP vendors. Consequently, app vendors see increases in conversions, large increases in paying user bases, and revenue uplifts of 2x to 5x. We can demonstrate the revenue uplift with a very robust financial model.

What makes this all work is our patent-pending, usage-based micropayment engine that we have had live for two years in the donation space. This engine, powered by PayPal for the actual payment processing, allows us to distribute subscriber fees to KP vendors based on subscriber usage, making it fair and compelling to vendor and user alike. Our financial system is so efficient we can effectively process distributions of just a single penny (and in 24 currencies!)

Below is a brief overview of the key 4 elements that make KP so efficient, compelling, and easy to use. On the right are various videos and presentations that will quickly and effortlessly explain KP. Below is our press release, along with a contact form so that we can interact with you personally to answer questions, get feedback, and start a dialogue.