Kachingle – Different From Other App Revenue Models

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Many app vendors and content providers are not converting as many free and trial users to paying customers as they would like. App revenue models like trial-pay, advertising, in-app upgrades, and Freemium just don’t work for most. So what makes Kachingle so different?

The Kachingle Platform bundles complementary apps and content at irresistible price points, enabling app and content vendors to co-market their offerings to the aggregated user bases of all Kachingle partners. Consequently, vendors see increases in conversions, large increases in paying user bases, and revenue uplift which we can demonstrate with a very robust financial model.

What makes this all work is our patent-pending, usage-based micropayment engine that has been live for three years in the donation space. This engine, powered by PayPal for disbursement of revenues to vendors, allows us to distribute subscriber fees to Kachingle partners based on subscriber usage, making it fair and compelling to vendor and user alike. Our financial system is so efficient we can effectively process distributions of just a single penny, and in 24 currencies!

Below is a brief overview of the key 4 elements that make Kachingle so efficient, compelling, and easy to use. For details, see our

App Vendor Revenue Uplift Calculator

Kachingle has developed a sophisticated financial modeling tool that shows just how effective Kachingle can be for your situation if your company has a Freemium offering. The model has been independently validated by experts at the University of Missouri. It uses your real values (e.g. net price, user base, premium conversion, etc.) and predicts the return you could realize by joining Kaching